The Gracili® Minimal Pivot Door System is ideal for large entrances. To meet architectural criteria, this is an excellent alternative for contemporary design.This minimal Pivot door can be installed on façade or within minimal sliding units to match the architectural elevation for a minimalistic appearance.
These state-of-the-art doors are designed with a face width of just 25mm wide. A high-quality product with full thermal break aluminium profiles. This system is also structurally assembled with high-performance toughened (tempered) double glazing with a focus and emphasis on environmental care and energy saving. A system with an integrated slim handle to complement the minimalistic appearance without compromising the view. Custom-handle can be integrated as per door specification. These doors are designed to be up to 2000mm wide x 4000mm height. The Gracili® Pivot doors can be integrated with an electromagnetic locking system along with a manual concealed multi-lock system from inside for security.

Product Specification

Facing width:

25 mm



Thermal break:


Air tightness:

Self closing:



90° hold open


Manual concealed Multi lock

Optional lock:

Optional Electronic Lock


Power coated to any RAL colour