Gracili® Minimal Bi-Fold doors are designed with minimal slim profiles with configurations of 30mm series and 40mm series to achieve maximum panoramic view. Gracili® Minimal Bi- Fold doors designed for multi panel for large opening options available in various finishes to suit any interior or exterior integrated with an embedded bottom frame with concealed drain. The 30mm Bi-Fold Series can go up to 3000mm in height with a panel width of 1000mm. The 40mm Series can go up to 4000mm in height and with a panel width of 1200mm. For the 30mm Series the panel weight can go up to 110 kgs and for the 40mm Series the weight can go up to 150 kgs. The Gracili® Minimal Bi-Fold door has smooth operation and several stackable panel configurations.

Technical Data

Maximum Panel Width:

1000mm in 30mm series
1000mm in 40mm series

Maximum Panel Height:

3000mm in 30mm series
4000mm in 40mm series

Maximum Covered Area:

Multi No. of Panels (No Limitation)


Maximum Sash (Each Panel) Weight:

100kg for 30mm series
150kg for 40mm series


PPC, SDF, PVDF, Anodized or Customized colour subject to Availability &

overall quantity