Gracili minimal systems® specially designed to elevate the design of your space. It is a unique sliding door and window system designed for large openings which results in maximum views. The system is effortless sliding as well as offers flexibility for delicate corner areas and special conditions. The system has a one of a kind, zero cavity sliding configuration, which eliminates the issue of dust formation with the speciality of concealed unique bearing wheels. Our systems consist of 25 series, 35 series and our unique minimal façade system. The sleek design of Gracili® system creates a seamless transition from inside, to the outdoors.

Gracili minimal systems® is an architectural product, designed for architects, planners and clients who want to bring a structure to life with minimal elements. Designers will enjoy the wealth of design opportunities offered by this one of its kind premium modular system. Our engineers pay close attention to the intricate details of the design to achieve perfection in the process. The system is manufactured from materials sourced of the highest quality available and produced in a state-of-the-art facility backed by innovative engineering.

Our Systems

Adaptive Design

Gracili minimal systems® are adaptable and can be configured according to the site dimensions. The sliding system can have up to four tracks. These tracks can also be applied in combination with fixed lights for interior/exterior corners without any obstructing posts.

Custom Design

The wide variety of colour schemes offered in different RAL, anodized and stainless steel finishes adds a touch of luxury to the area where the Gracili® is installed. The unique 25 mm minimal profile of the system can be customized to match the property.

Profile Design

The frame profile is reduced to a minimum dimension of 40 mm to allow seamless integration into floor, ceiling and walls only the 25 mm leaf profile is visible, allowing maximum light penetration into the room. Due to its zero threshold, the glass panels can slide easily with effortless force.